HR Administration

Customized HR solutions for your practice.

How much time are you spending on human resources administration?

Managing employees and the administrative responsibilities that come with it can be taxing for any business, but medical practices often face additional human resources challenges that require physician-owners to divert much of their attention and time to stay ahead of compliance and liability issues. Empire Management Group’s Human Resources Administration services offer a customizable solution to allow providers to offload much of this administrative workload to certified experts in the field. EMG is able to manage a whole range of human resources functions, which otherwise might require multiple vendors or an in-house team. From payroll processing and benefit plan management and administration to recruiting, training and more, we’re ready to take responsibility for a range of HR functions to help you save time and money.


Empire Management Group’s human resources professionals can help you stay compliant and on top of your practice’s HR needs with the following services:

  • Payroll setup and processing
  • HRIS implementation
  • Employee handbook drafting and implementation
  • Cal/OSHA Illness and Injury Prevention Program and Emergency Action Plan drafting and training
  • Policies and procedures drafting, implementation and training
  • Job descriptions drafting
  • Recruiting and onboarding
  • Employee relations
  • Employment eligibility verification and documentation
  • Employee benefits administration
  • Worker’s comp administration
  • Cobra administration
  • Time-off tracking
  • Leave of absence administration
  • Performance evaluations administration
  • Terminations
  • Disability and unemployment administration


If you’re not ready to outsource, EMG’s HR consultation services can provide guidance and audit your current processes to give a professional perspective and recommendations for compliance with complex government labor law regulations in the following areas:

  • Pay scale audits to ensure compliance with minimum wage and gender equity requirements
  • Worker classification (independent contractor vs. employee; exempt vs. non-exempt, etc.)
  • Protected leave of absence (FMLA, Pregnancy Disability (PDL), Paid Family Leave, Military Leave, Disability, etc.)
  • Worker’s Compensation claims, reporting and record retention requirements
  • Fines and lawsuit liability reduction
  • Sexual and other harassment prevention compliance
  • Non-discrimination practices for recruiting, employment, and termination
  • Employee discipline and rewards policies
  • Affordable care act requirements
  • Workplace violence prevention

free HR audit checklist

California has some of the most intricate and punitive labor laws for employers. Do you have all of your proverbial HR ducks in a row? Download our free 2022 California Human Resources Audit Checklist to identify potential areas of non-compliance. And remember, Empire Management Group’s certified HR professionals are ready to help if you have any questions or concerns.